So what is this again?

We were having some trouble working out how to get your events on to Atherton Online, and so it makes sense to let you post them yourselves. You can use the message board to post events, buy and sell, discuss any issues you're having in your local area etc...

I want it to be like virtually walking past the local newsagents browsing at all the cards in the window. Except more interactive.

It's really simple and works like this:

1. Fill in the card with what you want to say...


2. Insert a link to an article / picture that you want to appear on the card.


3. Select a category from the drop-down list, and then click post.


Your card should now appear in the latest cards list... Step_3

And a nicely formatted page where people can leave comments.


Filter the cards using the menu on the left (drop-down menu on mobile), so you can choose to see only the cards you're interested in.


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If you find and bugs or have any suggestions, please let me know. Hope some people find it of use though.

If you have any questions please get in touch at [email protected]