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Posted over 1 year ago.

ATSA Smite! taster session

Posted by Mark
ATSA Smite! taster session

Children from 3 local Primary Schools met at St. George's Central School in Tyldesley for a unique 'taster' session in the inclusive sport, Smite! The event, which was organised by ATSA was led by Ian Crosby from the 'All Inclusive Sports Project'.

Ian has represented England and Wales at CP Sport World Athletics games and he was a national junior disability athletics champion between 1995-2000. Since then he has progressed into coaching and sports development which has culminated in him establishing his social enterprise (All Inclusive Sports Project). Ian has links with authorities in Greater Manchester and this is the fourth time he has worked in the Wigan area, with ATSA

Children from SGC, Parklee and Sacred Heart all played the game which is similar to ten pin bowling. There are 10 numbered pins set up and the aim is to use a stick to knock them down to reach a target score of fifty. If you knock down one pin you score the number that is on that pin, however, if you knock more than one pin down then the number of pins you knock down is your score. To make things interesting, any pins knocked down are stood back up wherever they 'land' in the room. This means that a large area is needed as the pins can be knocked quite a distance.

This is when players use their maths skills and a strategy to win this games as you need to finish on a score of fifty and so you may need to aim just one pin to reach that score. Should you score more than fifty, then your score returns to twenty five!

The picture above shows Ian with the children who took part in the session.

Mr M Grogan

Headteacher at St. George's Central

Lead teacher for Atherton and Tyldesley Sports Association (ATSA)

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