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Posted over 1 year ago.
The New Garrett Theatre

Snow White and The Magnificent Seven Dwarfs

Posted by The New Garrett Theatre

Snow White is a classic, favourite fairy tale – good triumphs over evil and love conquers all! However, this is not your typical fairy tale; this is pantomime! Complete with villains, heroes, gender-bending roles, local humour and slapstick comedy, here is Snow White with a Wild West twist!

Snow White, heiress to the ‘Hidden Valley Ranch’, is the fairest girl on the prairie – but her wicked and jealous stepmother, Widow Blackheart, plots to separate her from her fortune! Can Snow White survive her stepmother’s treacherous schemes and win the hand of Sheriff Vince Charming? A band of seven brave miners, her life long friend, Nanny Oakley, a pantomime horse and a brainless idiot, Silly Billy the Kid, are there to help her!

This is sure to be a terrific family pantomime full of silliness and audience participation!

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