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Posted almost 2 years ago.

ATSA Safe-Elec-UK Sports Weekend

Posted by Mark
ATSA Safe-Elec-UK Sports Weekend

Friday 3rd July saw 35 children and 11 staff from 9 local primary schools leave their homes in Atherton and Tyldesley to go to the 2nd ATSA/Safe-Elec-UK Residential Sports Weekend.

The event, organised by Atherton and Tyldesley Sports Association, took place at Low Bank Ground, one of Wigan's Outdoor Education Centres in the Lake District, and tied in with the 30th anniversary celebrations of the centre opening. 2 boys and 2 girls from each school took part in a variety of sporting competitions both individually and as school teams. Schools had selected the Y5/6 children to take part in this weekend based on either their sporting ability or the sporting contribution that they have made to their school.

After an evening meal upon arrival, the children were soon spending their first evening together taking part in 'ice-breaker' style activities which allowed them to develop their confidence working with the children and staff from other schools.

Saturday morning saw, the competitive element of the weekend start as the children undertook a 'time trailed' kayaking and orienteering event. For the kayaking the children were individually timed completing a set course. Awards were on offer for the quickest boy, quickest girl and overall quickest team. For the orienteering, one whole team award was on offer.

Sunday morning involved a boat trip over Coniston Water so that we could reach the destination of our final event, a cross country running race. After all three events were completed, individual and team scores were worked out so that the final prize giving ceremony could take place. This year, as it was the 30th anniversary celebrations for the centre, there was a larger crowd in attendance for the final prize giving as people who had been involved with the centre over the last 30 years were invited to watch as the medals and trophies were given out.

Once all times were taken into account, the overall winning school were the team from Parklee. The overall winning boy was Lewis McDonough from St. Philip's and the overall winning girl was Holly Nottingham from Hindsford.

Dave Harvey, Head of Centre at Low Bank Ground, said: "This has been a fantastic weekend. The weather conditions have made the different events challenging and the amount of effort that every young athlete has put into all the events has been truly inspirational. The competition has been intense, but it is the way that all the children have made new friends no matter which school they are from that has really made the weekend the huge success it has been."

"I would like to take this opportunity to praise the children and the way that they applied and conducted themselves over the course of the weekend. Their behaviour and determination to succeed in each event was a credit to their families and their schools. Special thanks also to the staff from each school who not only gave up their time to ensure that the children could be part of this event, but were tremendous in ensuring that the weekend ran smoothly from start to finish. Thanks also to Mr Stuart Protano (Safe-Elec-UK) for sponsoring this event. (Mr M Grogan)

A full list of honours from the weekend can be seen below:

Full results from ATSA/Safe-Elec-UK Sports Weekend

Individual kayaking (boys) Winner - Lewis McDonough, St. Philip's Runner up - Rhys Woodward, Parklee 3rd place - Ryan Oakley, SGC and Byron Wright, Parklee

Individual kayaking winner (girls) Winner - Lily Rowland, St. George's Central Runner up - Aliyah Burrows, Parklee 3rd place - Millie Burns, Parklee

Overall kayaking (team) Winners - Parklee Runners up - St. Philip's 3rd place - St. George's Central

Overall orienteering (team) Winners - Hindsford

Individual running (boys) Winner - Ryan Watson, St. Ambrose Barlow Runner up - Aaron Nevin, Tyldesley Primary 3rd place - Lewis McDonough, St. Philip's

Individual running winner (girls) Winner - Aliyah Burrows, Parklee and Jessica Barlow, Garrett Hall Runner up - Alanah Hutchinson, St. Philip's 3rd place - Ellie Hughes, St. Ambrose Barlow

Overall running (team) Winners - St. Ambrose Barlow Runners up - Parklee 3rd place - Hindsford

Overall boys Winner - Lewis McDonough, St. Philip's

Overall girls Winner - Holly Nottingham, Hindsford

Overall team Winners - Parklee Runners up - Hindsford 3rd place - St. Ambrose Barlow

The picture shows the children and staff who took part in the 2nd ATSA/Safe-Elec-UK Sports Weekend.

Mr M Grogan

Headteacher at St. George's Central

Lead teacher for Atherton and Tyldesley Sports Association (ATSA)

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