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Posted about 2 years ago.

ATSA Sports Council launch!

Posted by Mark
ATSA Sports Council launch!

Friday 19th June 2015 saw the launch of the ATSA Sports Council as representatives from some of the ATSA schools met together at St. George's Central School in Tyldesley to meet each other and listen to specially invited guests - Councillor Jo Platt and Trevor Barton MBE.

Children from all 16 ATSA schools have selected ATSA Sports Council members, however due to other school commitments, children from seven of schools attended the session. After the children had introduced themselves they were showed a special ATSA video, showcasing some of the events from the last four years.

The children then worked together to devise a code of conduct for future meetings. Councillor Jo Platt listened carefully as the children fed back their ideas for this and was suitably impressed. Trevor Barton was able to provide further information to the children about their first major project - this involves providing ideas to help with the development of the 'back room' at the Pelican Centre. It is hoped that some of the ideas the children come up with for this will form part of what is being described as a potential 'Tyldesley Youth Zone'.

For the final part of the session, the children were tasked with answering the question: 'If I was in charge of ATSA I would.....' The best things about this part of the session was that the children were only given ten minutes to come up with ideas and given that time, the things they came up were fantastic! Ideas suggested including having an ATSA mascot, ATSA badges on team kits and also having an event for parents.

The next time the children from the Sports Council will meet is on Tuesday 30th June at the Pelican Centre. Here the children will start their work as they start to submit ideas for the Pelican Centre.

The picture above shows the children who attended the launch of the ATSA Sports Council with Councillor Jo Platt.

Mr M Grogan

Headteacher at St. George's Central

Lead teacher for Atherton and Tyldesley Sports Association (ATSA)

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