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Posted about 2 years ago.

ATSA Tri-Golf Festival

Posted by Mark
ATSA Tri-Golf Festival

Tuesday 9th June saw eight schools take part in our most recent ATSA event which was a Y3/4 Tri-Golf Festival at Astley Golf Driving Range.

St. George's Central, St. Michael's, Tyldesley Primary, Holy Family, Garrett Hall, Chowbent, St. Stephen's and St. Richard's each selected teams of children to take part in a variety of golfing challenges and games, which had been set up by Aaron Williams from Astley Golf Driving Range.

In order to help schools prepare for this festival, Aaron had recently visited schools and worked with classes on some of the golf challenges that they would be facing. Many schools used this opportunity to select their team to take part in this festival.

Sports leaders from St. George's Central School also played a crucial part in this event as they acted as scorers for each game - the children worked along Aaron when he came into school, learning how to 'score' each game.

After all the scores from each game were collated, the eventual winners of ATSA Tri-Golf festival were the children from Garrett Hall.

I would like to thank Aaron Williams from Astley Golf Driving Range for all his help and support in the lead up and during the festival. A thanks to Astley Golf Driving Range for hosting the festival for ATSA. Also a huge thanks to the sports leaders from SGC who acted as scorers.

For more information about how you or your child can become involved with Astley Golf Driving Range please contact Aaron Williams on 01942 889436/07581179108.

The picture above shows the winning Garrett Hall team with Aaron Williams from Astley Golf Driving Range.

Mr M Grogan

Headteacher at St. George's Central

Lead teacher for Atherton and Tyldesley Sports Association (ATSA)

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