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Posted about 2 years ago.

School concert raises the roof!

Posted by Mark

The roof was raised at a 'packed out' St George’s Church, Tyldesley last Tuesday night when children from St. George's Central CE School performed an amazing concert following their involvement in a charity based singing and recording project known as iSingPOP.

The school undertook the project, run by the Innervation Trust charity, in partnership with the church. This involved children learning a set of upbeat pop songs with a religious theme, relating closely to the school’s Christian values of friendship, compassion, endurance and justice. The project culminated in a whole school concert in church on Tuesday evening, for which the children received a standing ovation from parents and carers in attendance.

Miss Victoria Gray, music leader at St George’s Central said:

"The project was just phenomenal. The support given to us throughout the project by the iSingPOP team, particularly Amanda Roberts, was outstanding. It was so touching to see all of our children participate with such enthusiasm and enjoyment and really helped us to develop our links with the church and the wider community. I would encourage any school to participate as the impact on the children’s confidence and self-esteem is enormous."

One parent stated: "(The concert) speaks volumes about the care and education that the children receive at St George’s Central."

Audio clips of the children’s performance will be available via the school’s website shortly.

Mr M Grogan Headteacher - St. George's Central School, Tyldesley

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