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Posted over 2 years ago.

ATSA Y3/4 Hockey Festival

Posted by Mark
ATSA Y3/4 Hockey Festival

Thursday 12th February saw 7 primary schools from Atherton and Tyldesley take part in the ATSA Y3/4 Hockey festival at Atherton Community School.

St. George's Central, St. Ambrose Barlow, St. John's, Atherton St. George's, St. Richard's, Garrett Hall and St. Stephen's all brought teams of children to take part in the event which was organised by Mr McCann from St. Ambrose Barlow.

The schools were divided into two groups with the top team from each group meeting in the final. St. George's Central won both their matches to progress to the final. In the second group, St. Ambrose Barlow gained the most points to meet their rivals from Tyldesley in the final.

In an exciting final match, St. George's Central took an early lead however St. Ambrose Barlow soon equalised to set up a tense final few minutes. A great double save at one end of the pitch soon led to a break away and with seconds to spare St. George's Central scored to seal at 2-1 victory.

I would like to thank Mr Bold and ACS for allowing us to use their facilities to host this event. Thanks also to Mr McCann who organised this event and also the officials from Golborne Hockey club who expertly officiated at this event. A mention also to the many supporters who came to event to help create a fantastic atmosphere.

Michael Speight, England Hockey U18 Gold medalist was on hand to present the winners with their trophy and medals.

The picture shows the winning St. George's Central Y3/4 Hockey team with their medals and trophy.

Mr M Grogan

Headteacher at St. George's Central

Lead teacher for Atherton and Tyldesley Sports Association (ATSA)

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