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Posted over 2 years ago.

ATSA KS1 Kurling Festival

Posted by Mark
ATSA KS1 Kurling Festival

Friday 23rd January saw over 60 children from 11 Atherton and Tyldesley primary schools take part in the KS1 Kurling festival at St. Michael's School in Atherton.

St. George's Central, Sacred Heart, St. Philip's, St. Michael's, Tyldesley Primary, Chowbent, Parklee, Atherton St. George's, St. Stephen's, Holy Family, and St. Richard's all brought teams of children to take part in the key stage one event which was organised by ATSA.

The schools were divided into two groups with the winning school from each group meeting in the final. The competition was very close in both groups and as the final scores were added up, Parklee were the winners in group one with 470 points. In group two, Sacred Heart managed to score 590 points to progress to the final.

Both schools played their part in the final match, however congratulations went to the children from Sacred Heart, who managed to retain the trophy for the the third year running.

I would like to thank Mrs Evans from St. Michael's for organising this event and all the staff for allowing us to use their facilities to host this competition for the fourth year running. As usual they were very hospitable, providing refreshments for both children and staff. I would also like to thank the sports leaders from St. Michael's who acted as umpires and scorers for matches - yet again they were a credit to the school!

The picture shows the winning Sacred Heart Kurling team with their trophy and medals.

Mr M Grogan

Headteacher at St. George's Central

Lead teacher for Atherton and Tyldesley Sports Association (ATSA)

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